Saturday, 4 June 2011

A Quest to find the neighing horse



With the promise looming of more rain on the Thursday, we had decided to a repeat of Monday, and so K found herself swimming alone again in the indoor pool at 9.30am. I sat at the side watching her enviously as she swam to and fro. The pool looked so inviting, especially as it was empty of anyone else. Sigh.

After K had got dressed, we returned quickly to the mobile home to return the wet towel and costume, and then as it hadn’t begun to rain yet, we set off on a walk to find the horses we could so plainly hear from our caravan.

The sound was coming from the general direction north of the park, where there is a narrow lane which takes you to Reighton Village about three quarters of a mile away. Armed with our trusty cameras, we set off in high expectations of horse spotting! It was a very enjoyable walk, there was no traffic and the hawthorn hedges alongside the side of the road were full of flowers.

Hawthorn bush

We hadn’t walked far when we came upon a farm with the horses and ponies we could obviously hear from our mobile home. The first pony had a foal with her, he was so cute!


Further along were some more horses, and I spent some time feeding one with the luscious grass that was growing in abundance at the side of the road, as the grass in the field where he was had been cut really short, and was fairly dry.


Making our way further along the road, it began to spit with the promised rain, and looking down into the valley, I could see no sign of the promised destination of Reighton Village.

Walk to Reighton village stitch

Anyway, I was already  beginning to tire, so we retraced our steps back to the mobile home and not before time as it absolutely poured down!



  1. Timing is everything and it seems you used your time wisely and got in a bunch of nice pictures to boot! Nice!

  2. Thanks Joe. Your comment is most welcome. See the best of the bunch of my photos over on

  3. Hi TG, nice pictures. It looks nice and peaceful there.

  4. It was Gerry and there are some lovely walks around that area.

  5. I was interested to see the rape still in bloom where you are. Ours had all gone to seed already from the lack of rain and drought conditions. Who could believe the weather conditions could be so different in such a small country!!!

  6. Yes Diane we do tend to get everything occurring later up here, blossom blooms later, etc, etc. The fields around the coast and inland towards York are always bright yellow with the oilseed rape, its obviously one of the main crops grown around those parts.


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