Sunday, 28 August 2011

An enjoyable run-around.

Yesterday we went on one of our much missed run arounds. We haven’t been doing any since my operation in February. As it was such a glorious sunny day, we decided it was about time we did another one, if only to see how Bradford has changed since our last visit there. Beginning with the usual bus ride to Bradford, where we noticed that the route the bus used to take in order to arrive at the Interchange had now been blocked off to make a pedestrian precinct in front of the Town Hall. On arriving at the Interchange we proceeded to walk towards Forster Square. The area previously intended for a new shopping centre has temporarily been made into a park of some sort. Hmm. Lack of money apparently.

Continuing onto the walk down to Forster Square railway station, I took some photos of the walk down and also my favourite ‘Fibre’ sculptures and was really lucky to take some shots with no one walking past.

The old railway arches

Railway Sculptures. Bradford

You can find out more about the ‘fibre’ sculptures at 

We moved onto the Forster Square shopping centre where we visited the Asda Living shop for a browse, then retraced our steps back to the station to catch a train to Leeds. This line from Forster Square to Leeds is electrified and the trains are all Siemens trains. It doesn’t seem all that long ago when they were brand new, now they are beginning to look really scruffy. They are virtually silent in operation though, have air conditioning and tinted double glazed windows. and between Shipley and Leeds, they really belt along! Trouble is that its then we are passing some gorgeous countryside, but you can’t enjoy it as it simply zooms past you!


Arriving at Leeds station, we negotiated our way through the new ticket barriers where you have to use your ticket before the gate opens, bought some tickets for Huddersfield then back through the barriers, up the escalator (well, I went up the escalator, K ran up the steps trying to beat me to the top) and then across to platform 16a for the Liverpool Lime Street trans-Pennine train.

Leeds railway station

I had noted that the Cross Country train for Glasgow Central was in on platform 6. This is the one I intend to board when I go up to visit my eldest son in October. As usual there were plenty of people waiting for the train to Liverpool, many with suitcases in tow.

Leeds City station

Once we had all boarded and as usual on any of the trans-Pennine express trains, plenty of travellers had to stand up. We did all enjoy a laugh though as two ladies having to stand next to us in our carriage and complete with luggage, had reserved their seats and were annoyed that people were sat in them (or so they thought.) I told them to go and seek out the conductor and if the people sat in their reserved seats wouldn’t budge, then he would probably let them sit in the first class. However they found that on close inspection of their reservation tickets they were actually in the wrong coach!

We were also entertained on the run from Leeds to Huddersfield, by a group of about eight teenage girls who were rather loud and raucous as they congregated in between the two doors. Some were sat on the floor, much to the annoyance of the guy with the trolley who needed to get past them.  As we alighted at Huddersfield, I told the two ladies that I hoped they found their reserved seats, and also informed the girls in the doorway, ‘ My daughter has christened you all, Girls Aloud!’ which was greeted with howls of laughter from them! 

Huddersfield railway station

Huddersfield station looks much better from the outside, its not so pleasant to look at inside. We made our way to McDonald’s for some lunch, and then continued on to the main shopping street intent on buying a 7 inch sandwich tin with push out bottom for my home made cheesecakes. We eventually found one in Sainsbury’s.

Shoppers in Huddersfield

The journey home was via bus. It had been a very enjoyable run-around and we were blessed with some wonderful weather all day as well. Hope that you all enjoyed it.



  1. As always, TG, your trip was interesting and your photos, great. I love the artwork. It is just brilliant to see you are returning to your old self and habits. Stay well, Pen.

  2. I've seen my share of train stations but those sculptures are unique! I really love stuff like that! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  3. Those sculptures are fab TG and I see what you mean by the station looking better on the outside. Glad you both had a wonderful day out, I quite enjoyed it myself to. Sheila :)

  4. TG, enjoyed the train station interiors, especially the last shot which looks like a panorama. Glad you and K had such good weather and you were certainly entertained on the train.

  5. Thanks for all your comments everyone, much appreciated.


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