Saturday, 21 January 2012

Packing it all in….

This year (fingers crossed) we intend to have a packed year full of excursions, holidays and visits to places I have never been in my entire life. One of the reasons I never hanker about going abroad is the simple fact that  there are lot’s of places in the United Kingdom that I have never set foot in but have longed to do so. As my long term future on this planet is not certain, I intend to fill some of my remaining time visiting all those areas of our beautiful country that my meagre income will allow. This means of course, adopting a single mindedness about saving diligently and not wasting a penny on items of little consequence. 

One area that I have always wanted to visit is Cornwall. It’s lure for me personally is partly its lore (King Arthur) its breath-taking scenery and I plan to take numerous photos of everything I see whilst there. We will be staying in a mobile home which will be used as a base for our daily visits to such delights as Tintagel, Lands End, St Ives, Carbis Bay and St Michaels Mount. I would love to visit every wonderful place there is in Cornwall, but there will be obviously time restraints on just how much we can cram into a weeks visit and how much our money will stretch to of course!


The artist in me will want to sit down with an easel and paint brush no doubt, but my trusty camera will have to suffice instead. I love the photos of those quaint  fishing villages dotted about, and I’m intrigued by the numerous caves seen along the coves and beaches. Just how much we will be able to investigate is open to question and how much our aching feet can stand of course. One activity I don’t see us taking part in is surfing, though we might try some horse riding if there are stables near by. By the time the holiday ends and we return home, I shall probably need a week in bed in order to recuperate!

int_std_1The other area of the British Isles that I have never set foot in is Wales. We plan to rectify that shortly in March when we join a day excursion on a Compass Tours train to Wales, aptly named the Welsh Mountaineer. This excursion will be taking us through some of the most picturesque welsh countryside where we will be travelling through the heart of Wales and following  the route of the River Teme to Offa’s Dyke, Llandrindod Wells the Tywi Valley and onto Cardiff, where we will hopefully have enough time  to grab a bite to eat before our journey back home via a different route.

Tywi 052

Of course, this journey through the heart of Wales and its enjoyment of the stunning countryside will entirely hinge on whether or not the train staff have bothered to clean the carriage windows sufficiently so that we passengers can see it in all of its glory. If not, you might read of TG having to resort to sticking her head out of the carriage door window in order to get some really clear camera shots. Unfortunately this train will not be headed by a steam locomotive but will instead being pulled by a diesel engine. Mind you, these diesel engines are often the focus of train enthusiasts in the same vein as their steam cousins, and we will no doubt  see many photographers and train buffs on the station platforms and along  the route as we travel.

That’s the travel plans so far for this year, all hinging on finances (state of) and my ability to curb my ‘money no object’ daughter who is already scouring Amazon every chance that she gets on the computer, so I’m going to have to be vigilant, as always.



  1. I hope all your travel dreams come to fruition, TG. I await, with baited breath, all the wonderful photos you will be posting.

  2. I give the thumbs up to Cornwall - super place... *smiles*

  3. I'm of a same mind for this year....after 7 weeks of Radiotherapy for Cancer treatment, and recent MRI scan (Results on 23rd). Have been to Cornwall twice before, and Wales many times.I too want a year of 'exploring' new places

    1. Its funny isn't it how a near brush with Mr Death can encourage you to want to do and see all those things that you have always meant to do but never got around to. Good luck with your endeavours Aileen, do blog about them won't you?

  4. Greetings my friend. I am an avid traveler and know what it's like to be bitten by the travel bug. We have planned to visit Wales for some time though I don't know how that will all work out. Living in other countries from India to the Philippines has forever left me a different person. BTW I will tell you I do use Live Writer and it does place my pics...if you're using that you can see here that it puts your picture beyond the margin on the right there...I've struggled to place them so they don't do goofy things. I think I've sort of found an unhappy balance where it puts them...not terribly exciting but it doesn't stick out to the side like that...ugh, what can a person do?

    1. Go into your blogger dashboard and widen your theme Joe! In Live Writer you can stipulate the exact width of your photos anyway, so once you know how wide you have set your blog area in width, then set your pics in Live Writer to be exactly the same then they won't overlap the sidebar area. For example, this blog of mine is about 620 pixels in width, so I set my photos at 620 in Live Writer. If your still stuck Joe,I'll do a 'how to' post for you in my other blog. Let me know.

  5. Good luck with the travel plans I look forward to lengthy descriptions peppered with lovely photos

  6. I agree that holidaying in Britain is a really good alternative to going abroad and the insurance is not as high (once a person has had cancer, it is extortionate.)
    There are so many lovely places to see and Cornwall is my absolute favourite. I have travelled most of it and some places in Wales, that are also lovely.
    Unfortunately, we had to even cancel our British holiday last summer, because neither of us were fit to travel. I think we will wait for the last minute this year and see how we go!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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