Monday, 24 September 2012

The best laid plans.


We had one of those days on Saturday. A day where none of my plans came to fruition and it was all my own fault.. The initial plan was to walk down to our local train station, catch a train to Leeds, buy my train tickets for my forthcoming trip up to Scotland to visit my eldest son and his family, then another train to Huddersfield and from there the last leg home. That was the plan.  We did arrive at our local train station where unfortunately I began to suffer from griping stomach pains, no doubt caused by eating lot’s of soft liquorice the day before.


Panic set in, and we ended up dashing down the road to Sainsbury’s for a toilet instead of clambering aboard the Leeds train.  At this point, we did discuss abandoning the whole trip and going back home, but eventually deciding that the risk was worth it we caught the bus to Huddersfield, thereby completely cutting out Leeds altogether.  It was a beautiful day, with a cloudless sky and far too good to waste, even if I was in some discomfort and having to keep my shop browsing to shops which I knew contained a loo. How embarrassing I thought and completely self inflicted as well! What idiot eats a ton of soft liquorice when they are planning to venture out on a run-around the following day? You all know the answer to that one!

Needless to say, I did make it home without having any mishaps or embarrassments and can assure my readers that I won’t be so foolish ever again.  So remember everyone, if your planning a day out the following day, keep off the liquorice!



  1. Glad you were able to salvage part of your day trip, TG, even if you had to forgo the Leeds portion and getting your tickets. Good days like the one shown in your photos are indeed too good to waste. Thanks for the tip about licorce, my choice would have been red vs. black.

  2. I had to giggle at this one, TG, even though your day was partially ruined.

  3. Argh, know what you mean about licquorice. But it's so MOREish. Moreish licquorice. It rhymes!

  4. Thanks for all your replies everyone. Lesson learned the hard way!

  5. Hello TG, just checked your blog and saw that this is the most recent post, but from a couple of weeks ago. And, knowing that you were planning a trip to Scotland I am hoping that you did get your tickets and are safely there (or have been there). I do not comment on all posts, but do read them and follow your journeys and comments and so admire your forthrightness in dealing with your current health issues and concern for your daughter as well, and will be back.


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