Friday, 6 January 2012

A most unwelcome visitor




Following the last few days of constant rain and gale force winds, which have caused me personally to be confined indoors as I simply refuse to go out in the rain, we were able to venture out this morning and enjoy some glorious sunshine and blue skies at last.  ‘Hurray’ I thought as we walked down to town, enjoying the rare glimpsed winter sun in the sky, ‘let’s hope that’s the last of the rain!’ only to have my hopes instantly dashed as we landed home and found the dreaded card laying on our doormat.  Yes, you’ve guessed it! He’s been! The best rainmaker in the whole wide world has called whilst we were out! So sorry everyone, it will be rain as usual from today, my blasted window cleaners been!


TG Steaming mad

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  1. Rain for us in the winter season is very rare indeed. We've had warmth that is breaking records matched with a relentless wind...that also has broken records for it's endurance. I think it's a very strange winter indeed and have to wonder what comes next! We always say if you want it to rain wash your car...I guess there are other formulas huh?

  2. You are going to love this some 100 years ago I went away for a dirty weekend camping with my now husband. We found a small pub in the middle of Ranmore common and who should be there none other than our window cleaner!!!!

    1. That's funny Diane! I think if we bumped into our window cleaner whilst on holiday, I'd be tempted to do away with him. It's not likely though, he always goes abroad..

  3. It was rainy and cold here today, but it's supposed to be clear and sunny tomorrow. Maybe it will do the same where you are. Have a nice weekend TG!

  4. I have had nothing but snow since middle of November. Have really enjoyed it but am now getting anxious to head south for the rest of the winter. 10 weeks is enough of seeing the while stuff everyday. I think I am the only one in blog land that has snow the entire winter except maybe Steve in Alaska. Hope the sun shines on you soon. Hugs Carrie


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